This Is

This is for you,
and me.

You stop walking for a moment in the middle of the sidewalk and take a look around. The sun shines the same, and its sound begins to make you cry.

This is that sudden spooky feeling again, like others had mentioned on internet forums; mundane street corners suddenly glisten, people walking by become quietly beautiful, and the future seems clearer, more present, though you have not made any plans. Wiping away those sun-warmed tears, you continue walking, blowing bubbles with your chewing gum and popping them loudly, especially as you pass by others.

From what the internet and your friends have to say, everyone goes through this… this revelatory sensation of a fantastical nature. They said another common symptom was these dreams; these dreams are made of plastic, saturated and fascinating but make you feel nauseous. Sleep starts evaporating sooner and sooner, leaving you worried about infinity until morning. As you continue walking, you look up to the blue sky and see the moon, and spot a hummingbird dive-bombing for love.

You got through the hard parts of this Revelation though, and again, according to the internet, the worst is behind you. And everyone knows, or hopes, these new powers begin to manifest: the mind is now able to manipulate objects from afar, show you visions of far away places, and send thoughts into what feels to be the rubbery consciousness of the air. Last night, you managed to lift a dried flower petal off the floor with mere conviction.

But I truly wish I could tell you that I am the one who reached down to pick up that golden poppy remanant, and held it in my own hands for you to see. Those thoughts, those messages and wishes and obessions are sent to me. I hear them all, and they are so beautiful. I show you those images you yourself cannot see. I do my best to choose wisely; we are both new at this.

The heels of your favorite leather shoes clack against the pavement, and you pop your gum. I sit on a warm stoop sunbathing as I watch you quickly walk past. You notice me, but don’t see me... I think this is why I love you.